Snowman Truffles

Ingredients: 3 cup (18 oz.) semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup powdered sugar 6 fruit flavored roll-up snacks for scarves and hats Mini semisweet chocolate chips for eyes and buttons 18 mini candy coated chocolate pieces for noses 36 thin pretzel sticks for arms

Snowman Truffles

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Prep: 40Min.

Cook: 10Min.

Yield: 18 snowmen

Calories: 59/serv


Serving Size 1
Calories Per Serving 59
Total Fat 2.7g
Calories From Fat 24g
Saturated Fat 1.6g
Cholesterol 2mg
Sodium 9mg
Potassium 26mg
Carbohydrates 6.2g
Dietary Fiber 0.4g
Sugar 5.7g
Protein 0.5g
Percent Daily Value*: Niacin 1%, Iron 2%, Magnesium 3%.